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Why Should I Shop at Duck District?

It is Your Store with More. You're a fan, and you deserve more. You deserve to buy from fans. You don't want to be thrown in the mix with all of the other fans out there. You shouldn't have to look at merchandise when you're looking for a great t-shirt. It should be just like if you were actually in on a game day to purchase your gear for the game.

It is Your Store with More. More personality, more fun, more quality, more value, more creativity. We pride ourselves in having original merchandise that you can't find anywhere else. We also strive to offer you the best prices. We're able to do this by coming up with our own designs in-house and having them manufactured solely for us. This keeps any middle-man out of the equation that would normally jack the price up for you.

How are you able to come up with such great designs?

We have a team of design people that work around the clock to come up with the best, most hip designs. They find themselves unable to sleep until they are able to really catch the spirit of a fan and project that onto a t-shirt.

Not really.

It's much simpler than that. We actually get ideas all over the place. From walking around campus to listening to our customers talk about "you know what would be a great shirt?....," the ideas are all around us. And you can always count on us to keep it simple.

Do you have a design you would like for us to see? Send it to

Do you carry fanny packs?

Did you really just ask that?

How much will my shipping be?

Duck District has a flat-rate shipping charge of $6. No matter how much you buy, you can be sure that it will only cost you six bucks to get it to you. If you would like it sooner than what regular ground shipping can get it to you, other shipping options are available. You can find a shipping calculator in your shopping cart.

When will my shipment get to me?

If you ordered something with our flat-rate shipping before 4:00 CST, it will go out that same day. To see how many days it takes to get to you, check out this map.

You never answered my question about the fanny packs. Do you have them or not?

Oh, you were being serious? No, we do not carry fanny packs. We have not found a quality supplier of them.

How do I return an item for a refund?

Send it back to us with a note that includes your name and order number. We'll refund your money as soon as we get it. NOTE: ALL RETURNED MERCHANDISE NEEDS TO BE IN "LIKE NEW" CONDITION.

What if I just want to exchange it?

Send it back to us with a note that includes your name and order number and what you would like to exchange. We'll switch it out and get it right back to you!